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Possibilities for the design conscious.

Our newest Ebeoo Beacon USB is ideal for all your programming needs. Using USB-power, the signal is not attenuated.

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Programmable beacon is ideal for developers of proximity based applications, try some prototyping with iBeacon. Free App (LightBlue) can be connect and edit it, all parameters can be modified to work with your own app, including: UUID, major value, minor value, broadcast rate, password etc.

Common Parameters

1. BT name (write/read)
The default value: ebeoo-XXXXXX.

2. ADV Interval (write/read)
Broadcast interval.16-bit unsigned integer. Broadcast interval range: 32(20ms) ~ 8000(5.0s). The default value: 480(300ms)
P.S: When you use bluelight to type parameters, please be careful about the input specifications for flipping bytes. Such as 480(E001), when you typing the new data, you should write 01E0.

3. Tx Power (write/read)
The Bluetooth transmitting power, length: 1 byte, The value of the transmitter power: 00(-23dBm)/01(-6dBm)/02(0dBm). The default value: 02(0dBm).

4. Beacon UUID (write/read)
iBeacon parameter: UUID, 16 bytes, not all of 0x00. The default value: FDA50693A4E24FB1AFCFC6EB07647825

5. iBeacon Major (write/read)
iBeacon parameter: major, 2 bytes, not all of 0x00. The default value: 0x0001 (1).

6. iBeacon Minor (write/read)
iBeacon parameter: minor, 2 bytes, not all of 0x00. The default value: 0x0001 (1).

7. Measured Power (write/read)
iBeacon parameter: Measured Power, 8-bit signed integer. Used for measuring distance.

Function Parameters

1. Pair Code (write/read)
Pairing code, length: 6 bytes, range 000000 from 999999. The default value: 123456.

2. Pair Code En (write/read)
Enable pairing code settings, length:1 byte. Permissible value: 00(Disable) / 01(Enable). The default state: 01 (Enable).

3. MAC Address (read)
Bluetooth MAC adderss, 6 bytes.

4. Factory set (write)
Factory reset, length: 1 byte. Type 0x01 reset module.

5. Reset (write)
Reset, length: 1 byte. Type 0x01 reset module.

Product standard

Chip: TI CC2540
Size: 19 x 9 x 6mm
Weight: 2g
Range: 100m
Packets: iBeacon™
Transmitting power: -23 / -6 / 0 / 4 dBm
Lifetime: Endless (USB-power)


• Compatible with both iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+
• Uses Apple iBeacon protocol
• Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) devices

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You can order us directly by e-mail: business@ebeoo.com


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What are Ebeoo's Beacons

They are essentially tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world. Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

Each beacon has a Bluetooth® Low Energy transmitter. It broadcasts tiny radio signals over the air containing unique, location-specific data.

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Modern smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their range an associated app responds with the desired action.

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Personalized content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app. Nearby screens can also respond with relevant information.

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From welcoming people as they arrive at a sporting event to providing information about a nearby museum exhibit, iBeacon opens a new world of possibilities for location awareness, and countless opportunities for interactivity between mobile devices and iBeacon hardware.

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What do I do once I have beacons?

Congratulations! You finally got your Ebeoo Dev Kit - what can you do next? Here are some good places to get started and learn more about creating the best experiences for your customers.



The industry-leading BLE test app for iOS. Used by over a half million people, LightBlue Explorer lets you scan, connect to and browse any nearby Bluetooth Smart device. Includes full support for logging data and simulating peripherals. Available for free on the App Store.

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Found Beacons

Select the beacon in the list. The beacon's LED light will be shine when selected.


Password Pairing

Input pairing password. The default password: 123456


Parameters Editing

all parameters can be modified to work with your own app.

How to edit UUID values

1. Click to view the Beacon UUID.
2. Click Write new value.
3. Enter the UUID value (32 hexadecimal characters, no contain symbols).
4. Click Done to save the result.


How to edit Major values

1. Click to view the iBeacon Major.
2. Click Write new value.
3. Enter the Major value (4 hexadecimal characters).
4. Click Done to save the result.


How to edit Minor values

1. Click to view the iBeacon Major.
2. Click Write new value.
3. Enter the Minor value (4 hexadecimal characters).
4. Click Done to save the result.


Do you have any questions?

Check out the most frequently asked questions or visit our Community pages!

Beacons and Products

How long does a battery last?
Inside each Beacon and Sticker is a non-rechargeable lithium battery. A beacon’s lifetime depends on its configuration. At default factory settings, Ebeoo Beacons last anywhere from 1-3 years. ou can extend the lifetime by utilizing conditional broadcasting, and batteries are easily replaceable.

What is a Beacon's range?
Can beacons be placed outdoors?

SDK and Software

What kind of apps can be developed with Ebeoo beacons?
The possibilities are endless! Beacons can be used to develop apps that feature contactless payments, educational information in exhibits, and more. Stickers placed on objects allow these objects to communicate contextual information, opening a new world of possibilities. Mirror can be plugged into the HDMI port of any TV screen or external display, to show anything from your flight’s gate number to a comparison of nearby products.

Do I need an app?
Which devices are compatible?
Do I need Bluetooth for it to work? What about WiFi?

Ordering and Shipping

When will I get my order?
We're shipping most of our beacons on a daily basis via UPS and you can typically expect them within a week of placing the order. After the purchase is made, you will receive a confirmation email with all the tracking information you need.

Is it possible to order a larger quantity?
This is awesome! Where can I buy them? Is there a local distributor near me?
Can I pay over Paypal or wire transfer?
What is your return policy?

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